Nation’s largest 100% user of green power in real estate

Portfolio 100% powered by renewable wind energy

Tenants now occupy carbon neutral office space

Our portfolio takes the lead in IEQ, wellness, energy efficiency and value


  • MERV 13 filters
  • Ventilation
  • Bi-polar ionization
  • Space-specific 24/7 HVAC


  • Return to the office with confidence
  • attract and retain talent
  • increase productivity


  • Lowest greenhouse emissions per SF
  • Reduce operating cost
  • Limit exposure to LL97 fine


Our integrated, portfolio-wide strategies for environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) play an important role in our capital allocation, and our interaction with our stakeholders. Disclosure allows our stakeholders to see our company holistically and understand its trajectory.

Leadership, Awards, and Recognition

We are proud to be leaders in the industry and leverage our embedded sustainability expertise and engagement in the industry to define sustainability in real estate. We have also achieved recognition for our leadership in energy performance, green leasing, purchasing of renewable energy.

  • #1 most energy efficient REIT in NYC per Morgan Stanley Investor Report based on kgCO2e per square foot
  • Member of Mayors NYC Carbon Challenge since inception
  • Sole owner member of NYC Climate Mobilization Local Law 97 Advisory Board
  • Technical Working Group for NYC 80X50
  • Real Estate Roundtable SPAC Leadership
    • Energy Star 2019 Update Working Group
    • eGrid Working Group
    • REC Working Group
    • Energy Star for Tenant Spaces

Awards & Achievements



Thought Leadership & Industry Engagement


Environmental Sustainability

Our sustainability initiatives are a critical component of our commitment to corporate responsibility. Our focus is on facts reported clearly, and our innovation in sustainability gives us a competitive edge as we compete to lease space to quality tenants, and thus improve stockholder value. We integrate strategies for energy efficiency and sustainability across our entire portfolio. We have requirements in our buildings for practices to enhance the health and wellness of our building occupants during design, construction, operations and maintenance. Our sustainability program is structured around quantifiable improvement in key areas, including: energy efficiency, water efficiency, recycling and waste diversion and healthy work environments for our tenants and employees (indoor environmental quality, or “IEQ”). Key performance indicators allow us to measure the success of our sustainability efforts

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is critically important to achieving our sustainability goals. We continue to grow our sustainability initiatives based upon innovation and continuous feedback from our tenants and other constituents.

  • Sustainability Committee: ESRT’s Sustainability Committee is led by our Director of Energy and Sustainability, and supported by the property management teams across our portfolio. The Sustainability Committee meets quarterly, and its standing members include our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, other named executive officers, our Director of Leasing, a number of our senior executives including our Director of ESG, and property construction and operations executives. The Sustainability Committee’s agenda has evolved over time to reflect the company’s proactive leadership and commitment to results.

  • Property Management Teams & Employees: We host monthly training sessions with building engineers and property managers, brokers, project managers and other employees to ensure a comprehensive approach to performance, technology adoption and advanced best practices.

  • Tenants: We have a comprehensive approach to tenant engagement to drive energy efficiency measures. Because our tenants’ energy usage impacts our overall building performance, we partner with our tenants to drive ROI-based energy efficiency. Our energy efficiency practices not only help save tenants money through reduced direct utility costs, but they also create healthy workplace environments. To the extent the energy sources we use produce carbon, there are lower carbon emissions from our comprehensive work. We provide education and engagement with our tenants at annual town hall meetings, one-on-one customized meetings, Green Committee meetings, education materials in emails and on our elevator screens, and building events.

    • High performance design and construction guidelines are integrated into all of our leases. These guidelines include performance-based criteria for energy, water, healthy IEQ, responsible materials specifications and waste diversion. Our lease requirements allow for collaboration between tenant and landlord to achieve efficiency improvements. We share energy, water, waste and IEQ data with our tenants and provide them with expertise and on-going advice to ensure continued efficient performance.

    • Monitoring and verification of energy efficiency measures in tenant spaces

  • Environmental Plans & Policies: We have developed environmental plans and standard operating policies such as our High Performance Design and Construction Guidelines that establish stringent industry-leading guidelines for all operations for energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste, and indoor environmental quality

Goals & Progress

Learn more about ESRT’s goals and progress.