Metro Tower

Station Place Stamford, CT 06902

Station Place Stamford, CT 06902

Facts & Figures

Location At the Stamford Transportation Center
Completed 24 Months to Begin Tenant-Space Construction
Architect Cook + Fox Architects
Building Size 385,000 square feet*, 17 floors
Floor Sizes 31,400
Bay Size 30' x 45' - column free tenant spaces
Window Mullion 5' on center
Electric Service

Two 3,000 amp services at 277/480 volts; 8 watts per square foot available for tenant power


Personalized temperature control by Under Floor Air Distribution; two 750 ton rooftop chillers; under floor perimeter heat; dedicated condenser water loop available for tenant supplemental cooling


24/7 on-site security; conceirge service; CCTV coverage; electronic card access

Elevators 6 passenger elevators, 2 additional elevators service parking garage
Floor Load 100 lbs. per square foot (live load)
Ceiling Height 9' 6" finished
Operating Hours

8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Loading Facilities

Fully enclosed, tailgate loading dock; dedicated freight elevator

*As of 12/31/2016

Leasing agents

Jeffrey H. Newman
Senior Vice President
p: (203) 353-5200
Kimberly A. Zaccagnino
Assistant Vice President
p: (203) 353-5241
Tara L. Long
Senior Leasing Associate
p: (203) 353-5201