Empire State Realty Trust is committed to sustainable property operations and development.

Our business practices not only are environmentally responsible, but save energy, and are an investment in the health and well-being of our tenants. These investments translate to more energy efficient and productive work spaces, providing cost savings for all over the long-term.

Leading by example with our leadership in a new, innovative model for energy efficiency retrofitting of existing buildings, our portfolio-wide initiatives also include:

ESRT Portfolio Sustainability Matrix

Download Matrix (PDF) Open Interactive Matrix

Empire State Building
One Grand Central Place
1400 Broadway
111 W 33rd St
250 W 57th St
1333 Broadway
1350 Broadway
1359 Broadway
501 7th Ave
First Stamford Place
10 Bank St
500 Mamaroneck
Metro Center

Whole Building Energy Retrofit
Analysis (Replicate ESB Model)

Whole Building Energy
Retrofit Implementation

underway pending pending

Low-e window retrofit

This is required in all buildings and includes energy efficiency measures, water efficiency measures, use of recycled content materials & low off-gassing paints, adhesives, wall coverings, etc.

High Performance Tenant
Installation Required per Lease

All new spaces are built with submeters and utilities are billed based on metered and measured usage.

Submetering of All New
Tenant Spaces

Utilities Billed by Submetering
(as installed)

A BMS or Building Automation System (BAS) is a computer-based control system that controls and monitors a building's mechanical and electrical equipment.

Building Management System
(BMS) Status

(i) BMS in place

(ii) No BMS in place

(no central HVAC)

(no central HVAC)

(iii) Partial BMS in place

(no central HVAC)

(no central HVAC)

(no central HVAC)

Energy Star Certification

Consists of construction debris, tenant waste, separate recycling of electronics and single stream recycling.

Waste Management/Recycling

(i) Construction Debris

(ii) Tenant Waste

(iii) Separate Electronic Recycling

(iv) Single Stream Recycling

Green Seal cleaning solutions are employed and recycled paper products are used.

Green Cleaning Products
and Practices

Pest Management standards are in accordance with the San Francisco Pesticide Hazard Screening Protocol.

Green Pest Management
Products and Practices

Demand Response/Peak
Load Shaving

A committee, comprised of Senior ESRT Officers, sets portfolio-wide sustainability programs and ensures ESRT continues to lead the industry by example.

Sustainability Committee

Annual & Long Term
Sustainability Targets

ESRT completed a groundbreaking deep energy retrofit project at the Empire State Building, which serves as the leading global model demonstrating the business case for deep energy retrofits. All project information is publicly available and open source at

ESRT developed practices for high performing tenant installations and have shared all information with the project team assembled for the High Performance Tenant Demonstration Project. This work is underway and led by a non profit organization. The non profit analysis of ESRT's work will be launched in 2015.

ESRT's Chairman, President and CEO Anthony E. Malkin speaks nationally and internationally on the subject of energy efficiency in the existing built environment and is also the Chair of the Real Estate Roundtable's Sustainability Policy Advisory Committee. Mr. Malkin lectures at colleges and graduate schools and speaks at conferences on the subject.

Leadership & Sharing

Energy Efficiency

  • Lead role in team effort including Clinton Climate Initiative, Johnson Controls Inc., JLL, and Rocky Mountain Institute in designing and implementing a new process for evaluating and effecting energy efficiency retrofits of existing buildings (
  • Energy Star Partner
  • Expand implementation of energy conservation strategies through tenant installation specifications
  • 2014 Green Lease Leader recipient
  • 100% renewable electric power

Water Use Reduction

  • Reduce water usage and promote conservation efforts

Waste and Recycling

  • Increase recycling diversion rates and the types of materials recycled, both in daily waste and in renovation/new construction, with a target of recycling 90% of cartable waste
  • Tenant education programs to separate hazardous materials such as lamps, ballasts, batteries and computer components from general waste for proper disposal or recycling

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Upgrade of systems to improve efficiencies and tenant comfort levels
  • Improve indoor air quality through increased ventilation and installing more efficient air filters
  • Implement energy efficiency strategies in common area upgrades and pre-built suite construction
  • Use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints, wall covering, carpet, base and adhesives
  • Implement best practices in cleaning procedures, including the use of Green Seal Certified products
  • Pest Control—Implement best practices in integrated pest management (IPM) procedures, including the use of Green Shield Certified products and vendors

See ESRT’s Chairman and CEO Anthony E. Malkin speak on Green Buildings (video)