Mailroom Supervisor

Position: Mailroom Supervisor
Reports to: Office Services Manager – Gerard Burke
Accountable for: Purchasing Agent, Scanning Technician and Mailroom Staff
Location: 111 West 33rd Street New York, NY 10120


Services include processing of incoming and outgoing mail, reproduction and scanning of documents in mass quantities and the supervision of the Purchasing Agent, Scanning Technician and Mailroom staff.

Current Established Responsibilities Are As Follows:

  • Supervises and coordinates activities of team members engaged in the distribution of incoming/outgoing mail, printed materials such and periodicals and newspapers.
  • Supervise pricing, quality, and distribution of all desktop supplies by utilizing the best resources on hand.
  • Provide daily supervision for incoming and outgoing mail, packages and faxes.
  • Supervise and research special order printing/scanning and report the availability of said items.
  • Provides training to employees to help them complete mailings, scanning & duplicating projects.
  • Oversees all aspects of the mailroom’s maintenance and operations.
  • Meet with vendors to discuss future changes to the USPS postal rates and policies.
  • Meet with vendors to discuss future changes to Federal Express/UPS rates and policies.
  • Track lost packages via the USPS, Federal Express, and UPS online services
  • Provide emergency in house messenger services to the firm.
  • Review all incoming and outgoing mail and assure that mail is delivered to the specified destination.
  • Request repairs for office equipment, i.e.; fax/copiers, (via helpdesk request) binding machines, and shredders.
  • Assist Purchasing Agent in the auditing of all letterhead, mailing envelopes and mailing labels semi-annually. Providing information to department heads for budgetary constraints.
  • Provide production volume statistics to upper management. Upon request
  • Back up Office Services requests. (security cameras, office maintenance, office moves, and office services request)
  • Develop productive relationships with internal staff members as well as external outside vendors
  • Maintain clean and orderly workstations in the mailroom, scanning room and throughout the office
  • Develop daily working system to meet the chairman's driver for pickup/delivery of packages/mail etc.
  • Inspect all outgoing mail to ensure that materials are packed/wrapped and addressed in time to meet USPS, UPS and Federal Express pickups.
  • Supervise staff of 2-3 (Mailroom clerk/s and Scan Technician) and provide feedback for employee's annual review.
  • Maintain daily log of incoming mail and outgoing deliveries
  • Maintain current internal mail pickup/delivery schedule
  • Establish relationship with the firm’s current messenger service vendor (Avant) Maintain a trackable accounting of said vendor.
  • Work with purchasing agent in determining the best practices with respect to the quality of merchandise, pricing, and the delivery/returns of office supplies.
  • Receive and deliver boxes from the firm’s offsite storage facility, (GRM). Possess the ability to move and lift (via a hand truck) 40 -50lb boxes.
  • Ability to pack packages so that they securely reach the destination undamaged and intact.

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